Dance With Me (ages 18 months-2.5 years)

Dancers must be accompanied by a parent/guardian that is 18 years or older. The accompanying adult will be participating in class with their dancer! This class will provide an opportunity for dancers to explore movement, dance, and music in a social environment. They will develop skills such as listening to musical cues, waiting for a turn in line, and learning new vocabulary.

Creative Movement (3-4 years old) 

Dancers will explore the basics of movement, stretching, and ballet. Dancers should wear a leotard (with no skirt or attached skirt), flesh toned ballet tights, hair pull back out of face, and flesh toned ballet shoes. No jewelry. 

Beginning Ballet & Tap (5-6 years old) 

Dancers will continue to develop basic ballet skills and will be introduced to tap. The class will be split into two parts. The teacher will chose style of dance for the recital. Dancers should wear a leotard (with no skirt or attached skirt), flesh toned ballet tights, hair pulled back out of face, flesh toned ballet shoes, and black tap shoes. No jewelry.

Tap 1-2, Jazz 1, & Hip Hop 1-3 (7-18 years old)

Introductory class for each discipline allows the dancer to gain a foundational basis for each area of study. Dancers should wear dancer shorts or leggings and tank top or t-shirt with respective shoes for each style. No jewelry.

Ballet 1-4, Pre-Pointe, & Pointe (7-18 years old)

Dancers will focus on developing a solid ballet technique with emphasis on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out, coordination of the upper body, and use of arms. Dancers will be placed in the proper level based on age and experience. Dancers are to wear hair in ballet bun, leotard, flesh toned tights, and flesh toned split sole ballet shoes. No jewelry.

Kinetic Energy Dance Company (5-18 years old)

This is our studio's competitive dance team that allows dancers to improve their technique, performance skills, and teamwork abilities at a more accelerated and rigorous level. Placement is by audition only. Dancers should wear the required company uniform with the appropriate shoes to each class.

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