Poquoson Dance Academy

Abby Topping, teacher, choreography award for Hallelujah lyrical dance.

Zoe Gauthier

2017 Recipient

Lauren Holbrook - Be Discovered Award

$1000 Scholarship plus Round Trip Flight

to Broadway

Abby Smith

2018 Recipient

Taylor Lawhorne

2016 Recipient

Poquoson Dance Academy also awards Perfect Attendance certificates, 3 year certificates, 6 year pins, Junior Graduate trophies, Graduate  trophies and Post Graduate trophies at the yearly recital.

Abby  received a scholarship and 4th overall in her division for her solo, Brother! Abby, Taylor, Kendall, Zoe, and Alyssa were chosen as Fusion Stars and are invited to their national competition! 

Our Whole Company dance, Let’s Get Fit, received a judges award and fan favorite!

Vadolyn Cummings Terri Fisher Moore Memorial Award

The Vandolyn Cummings Terri Fisher Moore Memorial Award is a very special award that is presented at the yearly recital.  This award is a memorial award dedicated to the founder of the Poquoson Dance Academy, Terri Fisher Moore, and her grandmother, Vandolyn Cummings.  The award is presented to the dancer who demonstrates a true love of dance. 

2018 - Abby Smith

2017 - Zoe Gauthier

2016 - Taylor Lawhorne

2015 - Lauren Holbrook

2013 - Kasey Wilson

2012 - Abby Topping

2011 - Laura Brady

2010 - Kristina Reilley

2009 - Lara Witting

2009 - Alyssa Ketterman

2008 - Leslie Smith

2007 - Spencer Yakshe

2016 Star Talent Dance Competition

2018 Fusion National Dance Competition